Água Mineral

The human beings relation's with the water has become more and more fundamental. Years ago nobody thought about what could happen if the water vanishes of the planet. Now people are fighting by changes.

Far from Brazil's coast, in Brasília, place where the drought hurts the land and the air during five months by year, there is a river basin which supplies the citizens of the city. Their fountains, into Brasília National Park, also provide two swimming pools with clean mineral water. The bathers, perhaps, don't pay attention for this big privilege and how it is intense.
The submersion may be a solitary action like a dive in yourself. The time and sounds are able to change the way they feel the world. The sun heats their skin for a cold dive followed by the sound of bubbling near of their ears and by fresh wind when they leave the pool.
The intent of this essay is to capture the sensations promoted by the contact with this environment.